Without the Blonde

Wishing You Well (Live at the Puka Bar)

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Jenny moved into the city
they all said she won't survive
but it's surprisingly easy
to modify your life
and they wonder why she never writes 

And the quiet dark in her apartment
is comforting 

I am wishing her well in all that she can find
I am wishing her well and undaunting peace of mind

I would choose immortality
even in this world of war
where people struggle every hour
trying to live one more
hoping to live one more

Hope has the sweetest sound
Hope has the sweetest sound 

I am wishing them well
in whatever they can find
I am wishing them well
and unwavering peace of mind

Disappointment is a horrible sound
but resolve has a beautiful sound

I am wishing you well
in all that you can find
I am wishing you well
and unwavering peach of mind
and unyeilding peace of mind
and solid peace of mind