Without the Blonde

Anna - Without the Blonde

The journey began with being hauled around Fairbanks, Alaska for 7 years. Saving grace was summers in the mountains at her Grandparents where everyone played guitar or banjo. Anna spent lots of time alone in the woods, the snow, cabins, apartments, the ladies restroom lounge at her Mom's work, and under tables at laundromats, singing songs mostly in her head but sometimes out loud to the trees and animals. She was moved at 7 to an organic-farming chicken-raising no-electricity alfalfa farm on the Snake River in Huntington, Oregon where open space, juniper trees, a hillside junk pile, abandoned animal corals and lilac bushes created fond memories but homemade ketchup, squash, her Mom's second husband and headless chickens running around the front yard did not. She secretly memorized all the songs in the household's record collection. A year later she was moved to oh-so-dairy farms Wisconsin, living in small towns up and down the Mississippi River. She would fall asleep at night pretending to sing all the songs on the radio. At 14 she hitched a trucker route to California, returning to her family a few months later to move to upstate New York, then Montreal, where she turned 16, had her heart broken and wrote lots of had her heart broken poetry. Then she was packed up, moved to Chicago, and forced to finish a terribly boring high school in the suburbs before escaping to the city. She started playing guitar but only some Bob Dylan songs, and liked to lay on the wood floor of her apartment in the dark and sing along to Billie Holiday. She was going to college for no good reason and working at an ungodly hour of the morning for an even worse reason so at 21 she snow-shoveled her car in and out of a parking spot for the last time, packed up her '77 Pontiac Grand Prix & headed out to California to stay, except for a 3-year Reno, Nevada sojourn a while back, where she wrote her first song. Fast forward to today where she is the luckiest mom in the world to two beautiful darling sons (who are currently off adventuring), one fluffy black cat, lives in Southern California, is totally into organic farming, and never kills chickens. The rest is in the songs.

Musicians, Artists, Friends

The wonderful people below (in alphabetical order) have blessed me with their artistry, talent, and time for recordings and live shows:

Cisco Araya - guitar

Bobbo Byrnes - guitar, banjo, accordion, mandolin, anything with strings

Tracy Byrnes - bass, vocals

David Chetkin - drums

Ed Estrella - guitar, bass, vocals

Linda Kraemer - flute, vocals, guitar, bass

Rick Paul - piano, vocals

Ron Slimm - guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass, vocals (Ron and I also play in a folk music project)

and more (to be listed)